Revenue Generation through Best Practices and Automation

John Ryan

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My original post in late June was based on two weeks of using Ulitzer and Ning.  I've added additional thoughts after two months of use. The obvious point for me is that the sites have two different objectives for the writers.  For Ning, the writer is trying to be involved in a niche social network from scratch.  For example, I have built my own social network for marketers and salespeople called BuyerSteps.  I created BuyerSteps as a way for other professionals to join in a conversation around the 21st century buyer.  So, Ning represents a way to build a community. In the case of Ulitzer, as a writer I am focused on getting readers from within an existing audience.  There are already thousands of readers coming to the Ulitzer site, so if they are interested in my topics such as marketing, they will find my articles as well as others.  Ulitzer allows the writer the ... (more)

Fish Where the Fish Are: Content Distribution on Partner Sites

How well have you planned your content distribution on partner sites to help buyers? You have to fish where the fish are and often it is at another company's website.  Providers need to make their content available that matches the buyer's steps at their partner's websites.  If planning has been applied that involves distribution and measurement, providers can collect solid data on the value of that partner site, messaging traction and the performance of their content. Do Not Confuse Brand Value With Buyer Value Companies really should focus on being partners when it benefits a ... (more)

Business Martial Arts Lesson - The Foundation

Hapkido is a form of martial arts that is practiced heavily in Korea and is similar to jujutsu practiced in Japan. The word Hapkido itself comes from hap meaning harmony, ki meaning internal energy or strength and do meaning the way or joining energy. Hapkido in word and in action should emphasize the harmony of energy through internal strength. I was lucky enough to live near a couple of Hapkido masters that led me to earn a black belt after years of training and eventually teach the art myself. I believe Hapkido gave me life skills outside of being a better martial artist. At t... (more)

Stories Make It Easy for All Employees to Be Marketers

It is the provider’s marketing leadership that is charged with helping buyers go through their steps.  But the big cultural shift is when everyone in the provider’s company decides to be a marketer. Stories are as old as cave drawings it seems.  It’s the opportunity to describe what has happened to someone who took the leap to know something others didn’t know and came back to share their information.  That gap between what they know and what they don’t know is what keeps buyers from progressing.  Stories can motivate buyers to take the leap because they pin their rationale on t... (more)

Reputation Support Helps Job Security

There are lots of people right now who are in the middle of their career who believe there is no job security. These are surely challenging times. But I believe you can improve your job security in a world that needs authentic value. The key is to be known for providing value and finding ways to broadcast that fact. Just like a company that is trying to foster a stellar reputation for success, an individual needs to do the same. I think the biggest mistake many of us have made in our career is not keeping a living journal of our successes. By the time someone gets in contact with... (more)